Here are the upcoming programs for Camp Osiris:

On May 24-26 Camp Osiris presents Beyond 101: a retreat for queer and/or trans* young adults and adult (ages 18 and up) and their allies.

This retreat is for folks who want to take their faith and their organizing beyond the 101 level. Are you tired of having to defend your sexuality and/or gender identity using the Bible? Are you tired of only organizing around one issue? Then this retreat is for you! We’ll learn how to read the Bible through a queer lens, we’ll uncover how the text still speaks to our queer experiences today, and we’ll talk about the intersections of issues and how you can organize in your community.

In November of 2013 Camp Osiris presents: “Experimenting With Resistance”: a retreat for queer folks ages 18 and up. (This retreat is open to folks who self-identify as queer and/or trans* only in an effort to create a safe space for conversation).

We’ll read the Gospel of Mark in the context of the Roman Empire and draw parallels to the resistance of the early queer movement and the organizing that happened around the AIDS crisis. From the early Jesus movement, to ACT UP, the Gospel still calls us to a radical way of life. Join together with other queer Christians to talk about our revolutionary faith.